School Program

Introduce a Mandarin foreign language program at your school using technology already in your classroom to connect to our China-based teaching team. Every lesson is live and interactive.

We teach over 25,000 students every week across the USA, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Our program is cost-effective and your students will be inspired as they speak Chinese with a native speaker in China.

We don’t just teach the language, we inspire students to become global citizens.

A robust curriculum

Our program is built to align with the Australian Curriculum, however adjustments are made for state-specific or country-specific requirements. We have a curriculum development team that continually builds a curriculum and all material – learning outcomes, lesson plans, workbooks, flash cards, pronunciation and lesson recap videos – is provided to your classroom teachers.

For Australian schools, the program also covers off the General Capability – Intercultural Understanding – and the Cross-curriculum Priority: Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.

An innovative pedagogy

Our 25 minute sessions are delivered to your classroom from a Chinese teacher based in China over video conferencing technology. The sessions focus on language and culture and engage students in a variety of games and activities to inspire learning.

The in-classroom teacher is present and helps the Chinese teacher moderate the interactive lesson. They also extend the student learning throughout the rest of the week by taking students through their workbooks, pronunciation videos and by introducing Chinese language and culture concepts across the rest of the school curriculum. We run extensive training with your teaching team to support them in all aspects of the program.

Students also have opportunities to interact with their Chinese teacher by sending them postcards, sharing photos from their school through our learning platform and engaging in other blended learning activities.


Assessment is a combination of formative and summative assessments that include two online multiple choice tests: one tests the students’ written comprehension; and the other tests the students’ aural comprehension. Once a semester, students will also conduct an oral test where their pronunciation is assessed.

Classroom teachers are provided with clear guidelines on how to assess student progress with input from the Chinese teacher.


We provide a 5 point scaling reporting template for each learning module to assist schools with their reporting obligations. We can also adjust this to other school demands, should it be required.

Get involved

The best way to understand our My Chinese Teacher program is to have one of your classrooms experience a pilot lesson. Contact us to set this up