Welcome to the My Chinese Teacher program:

Introduce a Mandarin foreign language program at your school using technology already in your classroom to connect to our China-based teaching team. Every lesson is live and interactive.

We teach over 18,000 students every week across the USA, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Our program is cost-effective and your students will be inspired as they speak Chinese with a native speaker in China.

Lessons are delivered over video conferencing software using technology already available in the classroom.

Affordable and engaging in a way a traditional language program can’t be, contact us today to arrange a demonstration at your school so you can see for yourself how engaged your students are.

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Lynda Thompson Principal, Mernda Primary School

This program fits perfectly with the Department’s for the Languages Education Initiative 2013-2015 as it leverages ICT by combining face to face, online and mobile learning to make languages more engaging, authentic and connects language learners to the native speakers overseas.

The children are fully engaged with this program especially the ICT component.

Shelby Papadopoulos Principal, Colac Primary School

The program suits our school for a number of reasons. The first, it allows the program to be integrated into our curriculum as the classroom teacher is an integral part of its delivery. It is often difficult to integrate stand-alone programs where teachers come in for an hour and then leave, so this gives us the best of both worlds as we have our teacher online to support the classroom teacher, relevant class materials and an ability to undertake follow up work.

Secondly, the program means that our Chinese teachers are available at the right times and we are not trying to timetable one teacher in a two day block which would impact our teaching of literacy and numeracy.

Further to this, we know our teachers are experts, their teaching is authentic and monitored by a VIT registered classroom teacher and support by the team at My Chinese Teacher.

Cynthia Maiden Principal, St Josephs Primary School, Hopetoun

We would be unable to offer a Language in our school without a program like MCT. Each lesson is evaluated and changes are constantly made to suit the learning needs of the students. The lessons are targeted at learning specific words and conversations and revision is incorporated to ensure students’ learning is consolidated. Follow-up work is clearly set out for classroom teachers to complete once the VC lesson is finished. The resources and support from the Chinese teachers and technical staff is fabulous. Any problems are quickly addressed and dealt with and feedback is taken on board and acted upon immediately to make the MCT experience even more rewarding and valuable for our students.